Shimmering Sands Belly Dance

The Shimmering Sands Dance Company explores the mystery and intrigue of the timeless and captivating art of belly dance. In 2007, with the dissolution of the USU Middle Eastern Dance Club, Sumra, with the help of her sister, founded Shimmering Sands Belly Dance.

We mainly focus on what is known as Modern Egyptian cabaret style of belly dance. We also learn and explore a variety of Middle Eastern dancing styles as well as their musical and cultural context.

Shimmering Sands Belly Dance perform at a variety of shows, venues, and events throughout Logan and Salt Lake City.

We offer beginning to advanced level classes as well as a performance troupe for students at the intermediate level and above. More information

About Sumra


Known to the Utah Middle Eastern dance community as the graceful and sensual Sumra, began studying the art of dance at the age of six. During her growing up years she explored tap, jazz, ballet, Modern and Latin dance styles, with an emphasis on the ballet. "I was a little ballerina," she recalled. As an adult, however, she found little opportunity to dance until the day in 1998 when her youngest sister, Nikki (dance name, Nari) dragged her to a belly dance show in Salt Lake City. "I felt an immediate connection to the music," she says and soon afterwards began seeking out the only belly dance available in tiny Logan, Utah: a group of enthusiastic, but loosely organized women who had formed a club at Utah State University."The teacher quit after a few lessons," she remembered, but she and a handful of other women didn’t allow that to stop them, "we started teaching each other," she explained, making use of tapes, seeking out workshops and lessons. They began offering basic lessons themselves, and more and more students started showing up. They pulled together a performance troupe—Shazadi—and Sumra started choreographing for the group, which was soon invited to dance in various locales around the state. Throughout this period, Sumra, "hungry for knowledge," traveled the country seeking the tutelage of well-known dancers who could help expand her growing art: "I’d schedule three to four private lessons and then hop on a plane to California." The approach allowed her to investigate myriad techniques that she then honed into a superb craft marked by her own distinctive style. "It’s as if I’ve had very few teachers," she mused, "but also a ton of teachers." Dance, she says, "allows me to create and be creative in an art form that speaks to me."

Sumra continued as part of the USU Middle Eastern Dance Club for a number of years, helping to develop a full roster of classes and create a student troupe so that up and coming dancers could have the chance to develop into accomplished performers. "I love watching people who’ve been awkward or shy come out of their shells and become beautiful," she says of teaching. In 2007, with the dissolution of USU MED, she founded Shimmering Sands Belly Dance Company with the help of another belly dancing sister, Krista (dance name, Kinza). Shazadi won top awards performing around the country, and was invited to perform in places such as California and Florida. The Shazadi troupe was retired after 10 years. Sumra herself has placed in the top three at various competitions including Wiggles of the West, Double Crown Belly Dance Competition, and Belly Dancer of the Universe. Today, she is known as one of Utah’s most masterly dancers, one who combines grace with uncommon sensuality and beauty of movement.

Selected Teachers/Colleagues studied with: Virginia, Sahra, Aziza, Angelika, Sonia, Jillina, Hussan, Ansuya, Margo, and Sadiyya.

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