Belly Dance Classes

We offer beginning to advanced level classes to cater to any level of dancer. Our class format is structured yet diverse and progressive. Each class will build upon the objectives taught in the previous class. You will be given the opportunity to first gain a strong base in the fundamentals and progressively advance, improve your dance technique and performance skills at your desired pace.

Basics of Belly Dance
Wednesday 6:30pm

This class will introduce students to the fundamental movements of belly dance. Focus will be on proper body alignment and posture, muscular movement and clean execution of movement. A typical class will consist of warm-up, drills focus subject, short dance combinations and a cool down. This class is recommended for students who have never taken a belly dance class and/or are new students to Shimmering Sands. This class is also for those whose main focus is exercise and/or social in nature.

Next session starts September 6, 2023

Location: Whittier Community Center, Studio 4
Pre-requisites: None

Intermediate/Advanced Belly Dance
Wednesday 7:30pm

This class will build upon the fundamentals taught in the Basics of Belly Dance class. Focus will be on teaching students to add layers, more complex movements to their dance vocabulary and smooth transitions between movements. Improvisational skills, musicality and phrasing, Middle Eastern rhythms and cultural context will be introduced. Props such as zils, veil & cane will also be introduced. An opportunity to perform a class choreography will be provided.

Location: Whittier Community Center, Studio 4
Pre-requisites: Minimum of 3 sessions of Basics of Belly Dance unless otherwise invited by instructor.
Required Props: Zils, Veil or Cane, depending on the focus of the session. Please contact your instructor for details.
Required Costume: "Company Costume" consisting of skirt, choli top and hip scarf.

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